[Trombone-l] FREE MUSIC for college Trombone choirs!

Raymond Horton horton.raymond at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 15:16:28 CST 2021

OK, here’s the deal! You get a free PDF of score and parts for my new
short Trombone Choir piece, but you have to read the story of my
travails first! (apologies if you are on Facebook and read this
already!) Here goes:

Ray and Terry’s Excellent misadventure:
We had made plans for our trip to the International Trombone Festival
in Columbus, Georgia (To hear the Eastern Kentucky University
Trombone Choir in a premiere of a short piece "Fanfare and Dialogue"
that I had written for them and their leader Dr. Nathan Siler) for
several weeks. However, less than an hour into our trip Tuesday
morning south on I-65, a tiny rock, no larger than a quarter in
length, took out the hybrid radiator! Fortunately, we were able to
chug into the Toyota dealer in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and get it
fixed. But that took an extra day (and more than $1100!) so we rented
a car and took off for more problems. Heavy traffic and heavier rain
storms made the drive extremely tedious. (We had already planned to
spend the night in Chattanooga, so at least we didn’t have to make the
whole 7+ hour trip in one day.) Wednesday, for some reason, Wayz sent
us in circles when we got to Columbus trying to find the campus. We
did find it, only to be told that the music school was 5 miles away,
downtown by the river! All this meant that we missed the New York
Philharmonic Trombone section session that I hoped we would make, but
we went to a few other things that day and had a complete and
rewarding day there Thursday. Thursday morning the EKU group played my
piece and the rest of a very challenging and difficult program
extremely well! It was quite a remarkable achievement for those kids
during a pandemic year at school. I was able to distribute several
copies of the piece amongst college trombone instructors that were
present, and I hope some more performances will come from that. I also
hope to be able to post a recording of the premiere performance here
Oh yeah, the drive back! We had to make the entire 7+ hour trip to
Elizabethtown in one day to avoid more charges from the rental car and
a motel. We started early enough, but had some delays on the way
there, and made it with five minutes to spare before another rental
We drove a bit more leisurely home from Elizabethtown, and decided to
reward ourselves with our favorite comfort food: a fish and rings box
from Kingfish Jeffersonville, eaten in a nearby park while gazing at
the river. We got home totally exhausted.

We had some bad luck on the trip, but it could’ve been much worse: we
could have broken down in no man's land. (And we think insurance is
going to cover all but $100 deductible!)

If you are interested in seeing this 2 minute, 10 second piece and
lead a trombone choir (8 part, with optional 1 percussionist) just
email me or leave a message at rayhortonnusic.com (and promise you
will let me know if you perform it)!

Raymond Horton
Minister of Music,
Edwardsville (IN) United Methodist Church
Retired Bass Trombonist,
Louisville Orchestra, 1970-2016

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