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Wed Jul 14 07:55:36 CST 2021


I'm to the point where I have too much "stuff" in the house.  My wife 
and I are on a cleaning binge and one of this weeks targets is my music 

I'm in the process of digitizing all of my handwritten items, my charts, 
etc. But I still have a whole bunch of purchased items to sell.

I have a lengthy list of trombone and tuba method books, solos, and 
duets that I would like to find them a new home.  I also have a bunch of 
choral stuff, including bunches of hymnals and song books and jazz and 
pop song books.  I haven't dug into the last pile yet.

My question for the collective hive mind is this: Should I -

Option A: offer the lot up on eBay as a lot?
Option B: offer the lot up on eBay piecemeal?
Option C: offer the lot here or somewhere else for a price?
Option D: send the lot to someone willing to pay for the shipping?

I am loathed to just trash printed music!  Photocopies I will trash in a 
heartbeat, in fact I've already trashed 3 garbage bags full.  Anything 
that I can legally retain a digital copy I will trash. (I.e. my 
arrangements, compositions, works for hire, etc.)

This should lead to a civil discussion on what to do with our musical 
stuff.  I'm not dying or anything like that...I just have too much stuff 
and it's getting in the way!  The next items to go will be some horns, 
mostly wall art caliber that are no longer being displayed, but a couple 
of playable horns...with a little work.

So, what is the consensus?  Send me your thoughts, on the list or 
privately and I can summarize.



Ralph W. Whitfield, Jr.

Bass Trombone, Gadsden Symphony Orchestra,

Founder of "Grand Avenue Brass"

"Trombonist by nature, engineer by necessity."

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