[Trombone-l] Downloadable quartets?

Robert Holland publisher at briarmusic.com
Sat Jul 3 13:52:15 CST 2021

Peter Soukup wrote: 

> As we start up playing again, a big band bone section (quartet) I'm in is seeking new stuff to play.
> I am aware of IMSLP, and Gordon Cherry's web site (which is awesome) 
> Free is good, but of course we'll pay for good fun stuff.
> Anything fun, classical, chorale-like, pop. show tunes, who on the list knows where to send us to look besides Gordon and IMSLP?
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.  If you wish, you could even email me pdfs of public domain stuff, if you have any…

Have a look at the Briar Music Press website or Ensemble Publications
(http://enspub.com/tn4t.htm). Last year (a lost covid year for most of
us) was BMP's 25-year anniversary, with a new website having been
deployed. There are two multivolume quartet collections, as well as a
number of individual quartets. 

Of course, it's impossible for publishers offering content for sale to
compete effectively with free, downloadable charts (some of which are
quite good and a lot that are not) or those that get scanned and passed
around illegally. Your support is appreciated. 

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 publisher at briarmusic.com) 

[1] http://www.briarmusic.com

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