[Trombone-l] J.S. Bach - Chorale from St. Matthew Passion

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Mon Apr 5 11:39:41 CST 2021

J.S. Bach - Chorale from St. Matthew Passion

I made this recording of a Chorale from J.S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion as my contribution to a Musicians of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra <https://www.facebook.com/PSOMusicians/?__cft__%5B0%5D=AZU3mmKSf61dkza_AEQQnoWq0MLlhiZ6YlLydG_MYz2o8ICWIQl6TkqxXdmHImE6BONqg7vhaRq3pB6VWfIf5Q1hpup-vI_EKupTWprzqahsGQ&__tn__=kK-R> Easter Broadcast.

I played alto, small tenor, large tenor, bass and contrabass trombones.

Translation of the German text of this Chorale:
"When once I must depart, do not depart from me. When I must suffer death, then stand thou by me! When I most full of fear at heart shall be, then snatch me from the terrors of fear and pain by thy strength."

https://youtu.be/AqK99hFiyDI <https://youtu.be/AqK99hFiyDI>

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