[Trombone-l] What is it? Soprano Trombone or Slide Trumpet?

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Fri Mar 20 19:36:38 CST 2020

As a life long, dedicated trombonist I insist on “soprano trombone.”  BTW, I have a soprano that Larry Minick made and have been considering putting it on the market if anyone’s interested.  Private email me if so.  

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> On Mar 20, 2020, at 8:22 PM, Jon Studer via Trombone-l <trombone-l at trombonelist.org> wrote:
> I recently acquired at JP Rath Bb soprano trombone from DFMusic Inc dot com. (Yes, it’s Chinese made, but I’m ok with that as my use is limited.) 
> I bought this as a novelty, with no current intentions of playing it anywhere but home. Once life gets back to normal, I thought it might be funny to bring it to my jazz band practice, and when we start warming up together, I’ll pull it out instead of my bass and see what reactions I get. 
> Now, to the subject of this email. As I search around the internet to learn more, I see some sites calling it a slide trumpet and others calling it a soprano trombone. Some call it a trumpet because it’s pitched the same as a trumpet. Others call it a trombone because of the slide. Some use both names together to improve their internet searchability. 
> Curious what others think? Is it a slide trumpet or a soprano trombone. Any other commentary is appreciated. 
> Thanks,
> Jon
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