[Trombone-l] FS: Very nice Shires 485/495 tenor

Craig Parmerlee craig at parmerlee.com
Tue Mar 3 08:35:51 CST 2020

I am selling a very nice small bore (2B equivalent) Shires on eBay:


This instrument was donated to a charitable group,  It was one-owner, 
purchased from the factory about 2008.  Comes with two tuning slides 
(yellow and red brass).  The yellow brass tuning slide makes it a little 
edgy, which could work for ska or afro-cuban.  The red brass tuning 
slide makes it very well-mannered.  The horn has great clarity, and you 
can drive it surprisingly hard without it breaking up.  If seems to play 
a lot bigger than it is.

I recorded a sound sample side by side with a factory 3B for reference.


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