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Raymond Horton horton.raymond at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 09:42:44 CST 2020

If you are like this old Luddite, you have watched and listened to many
fine self-overdubbed videos from several talented list members with awe,
thinking "tech has passed me by!  I haven't a clue as to how to do this!".
Until a friend told me about Acappella.  Realizing others may be like I
was, here's my story:

I’ve just started using Acappella myself. It is very easy to download from
and easy to use use, it can be run on an iPad or iPhone. The free version
videos up to 30 seconds long, a subscription of about $5 a month can
make videos up to 10 minutes in length. The user plays one part at a
time, usually to an internal metronome, and can add other parts or
email it to other users in order for them to add parts. It is limited
to nine parts at a time, but some get around this limit by importing
one file, etc. I am not sure how far that can go.

I will post a link to an Acappella file I completed a few days ago to
use for the socially distant postlude on this weeks Sunday service at
my church. I made a quick arrangement and quick overdubbed performance of
Palestrina’s great Easter hymn VICTORY. (I used the iPad's internal
microphone.) I also found myself, as the last player in the group,
with nothing to do for a stanza, waiting to add a descant, so I
resorted to some comedy inspired by a classic SCTV bit that I will
also post a link to. I hope all enjoy!

Made with Acapella


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