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Personally I would never buy anything from anybody on Facebook.  There 
are no protections whatsoever and you have no assurance who anybody is.  
I made the mistake of buying something in response to a Facebook ad last 
year.  The ad was very well done.  It looked like a professional outfit.

It turned out to be one sleazy guy in San Diego and had connections to 
important products from China. He would gather up 6 weeks of orders and 
then place his order to China.  I eventually gut the stuff after 5 
months and it was complete crap -- nothing like the ad.  There really 
isn't any recourse on Facebook.

At least with eBay, there is a system of building a positive reputation 
as a buyer or seller, and an organization in place to help resolve any 

On 5/3/2019 9:48 AM, Laurence Payne via Trombone-l wrote:
> Facebook is a notice board.   Don't put stuff on a noticeboard that you don't want the world to see.   But it seems you WANT the world to see your advert?
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> Only with my aversion to privacy concerns with social media in general.
> On 5/3/2019 9:37 AM, Laurence Payne wrote:
>> If you want to use a Facebook facility, I think you'll have to be ON Facebook!   Is that a problem?
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>> Hi all,
>> Looking for suggestions to sell a bunch of my  mouthpieces. Can I sell on the Facebook trombone sell groups if I'm not on FB myself? How do I do it?
>> I think Craigslist is too local to be useful.
>> Thanks,
>> Bob
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