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Wed Mar 27 15:08:35 CST 2019

No ... not the Honniger ...

This story is true, but the names have been changed to protect, well,

At a local church, a man walked in carrying a case and asked to speak with
a minister.  The receptionist asked for his name, and he said "David."  She
also, as is their policy, asked for a contact number in case they needed to
follow up with him.  He said, "724bc."


So the minister on duty comes out and David shares the story.

"I'm King David, and God told me to come to your church to prophecize.  I
noticed you have a large pile of bricks on your property, and that is where
God told me to go, but I wanted to ask permission first."

The minister said that this would not be a problem, then asked what he had
in the case.  The man replied, "As I am the Psalmist, I also have the gift
from God of music."

The minister asked, "Is it your lyre"?

"No, it is my trombone.  God told me to prophecy and play trombone."

He then turned and walked out.  In a few minutes, the minister looked out,
and sure enough, the man was standing on the pile of bricks playing

Trust me - this is NOT a made-up story.
*Chris Waage, DMA*
Music Director, Lexington Wind Symphony, Lexington, Missouri
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