[Trombone-l] Stuffiness, trumpets

Earl Needham earl.kd5xb at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 14:55:05 CST 2019

Her rage, thanks.  If I go drilling a mouthpiece it'll be one from the junk
drawer first.

Haven't got home yet,  but when I do I'll check valve alignment and
everything else first.


On Wed, Mar 27, 2019, 2:06 PM Ervin, Thomas R - (ervint) <
ervint at email.arizona.edu> wrote:

> Earl, I’m no expert repairman, tinkerer, not trumpeter.
> But before altering/risking any mouthpiece she likes, be real sure the
> trumpet doesn’t have a hole in it, a leak, a misaligned valve, or a pencil
> stub.
> Tom Ervin
> ervint at email.arizona.edu
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> ...now a recovering trombone player... ; >)
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