[Trombone-l] query

Samuel Jay Keyser keyser at mit.edu
Thu Apr 11 15:01:40 CST 2019

Dear listers.

I have a quick question. Do you have any advice about the best melodica to buy?

I am in a wheelchair. This greatly limits my keyboard options. I use iRealPro to practice. I thought of a melodica as a neat and compact way of trying out different chord inversions. It would lie on my desktop while I was looking at chord sequences on iRealPro’s screen.

I'd like one with the most keys possible, of course, one that is reasonably in tune and one that will last a long time. Of course, price is important. I don't want to pay $500 for a professional model. That seems like overkill.

Any suggestions? And thank you for your advice.


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