[Trombone-l] Cup Mutes for .547

Gil Estes gil.estes at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 08:24:54 CST 2018

Okay, I know the rule: a mute goes in, the slide moves out…but that said, I’m playing a Conn 88H-CL2000 w/ 8-1/2in bell that has pretty good overall tendencies…until I put my Stone Lined cup out in the bell. At that point, the horn goes so incredibly sharp, it takes about a full inch of tuning slide to get it back down to pitch.

Looking for recommendations on cup mutes for large bore (.547 w/ 8-1/2 inch bell) trombone that holds pitch better. In particular, any of you pro-symphony guys (ahem: Collin, Nathan, etc…) as well as pro-studio guys and university professors (of trombone :-).

Thanks in advance, and may we all find the elusive cup mute intonation mojo!

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