[Trombone-l] Victory at Sea, bass trombone part.

John F. Camenga jcamenga at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 17 16:33:45 CST 2018

Hey all

it's been many years since i posted so my apologies if this is the wrong way to get something out.

I am looking for the bass trombone part for the Symphonic Scenario for  Orchestra of Victory at Sea

We, the Matthews Concert Band are doing the band version of Symphonic Scenario for Victory at Sea.   I remember doing the orchestral arrangement about 25 years ago with the Imperial Symphony in Florida. and there were some differences in the parts, i'd like to compare. If someone can send me a PDF, i'd be grateful or if someone knows were i can buy a copy then i'll take that info. Pleas reply directly to me so as to not clutter up the list


John Camenga

Bass Trombone, Matthews Concert Band

Matthews, FL

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