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I played a run of this show several years ago. Fun book!

I played it on a large bore tenor, doubling on euphonium. I think you need the euphonium, for the color. At times it sounds like a tuba, and other times like a french horn and also like, well, a euphonium.

The part did not actually say Bass Trombone anywhere, except on the title page where (bass) appeared after the word Trombone, almost like a question or suggestion. There are some trigger notes, but most of them are in parenthesis with an upper octave as an option. No matter what, there are a few tunes where a solid low range and full sound in that register is a plus, as well as some tunes that need high range and a brighter sound. A .547 did the trick for me.

2 players would work well - there were a couple of quick changes where I stayed on my previous instrument a bit longer than printed because I didn't think I could safely make the change where printed.

The nice thing about this book, is that the composer/arranger really did a great job of getting a lot of colors out of a small group of players, and often uses the players on hand to approximate the sounds of instruments that aren't there (the clarinet does a surprisingly good imitation of trumpet fanfares, for instance). Whatever the player uses, they need to be able to change style/articulation/dynamics to make the right sound for each different number in the show. Everything in from Country to Mowtown to Les Mis...


Jim Scott

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I was asked to recommend a student to perform with the college production
of Urinetown. Of course the person with the books and my schedule don't
line up at all and I've never played it.

All I know is that its tenor/bass trombone and euph.

Does anyone have more information about the challenges to this book? Is it
OK on only F attachment, or does it really need a good bass player. Range?
How good of a euph player? I'm happy to have my kids share the book if
needed, but I'd like them to have fun.

Thank you!!


Liz Mandel
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