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Trombonaut trombonaut at comcast.net
Tue Mar 28 15:31:23 CST 2017

I have the following back issues of ITF Journal for sale.  Price is $6 each mailed to your conus address.

			                        All single issues are $6 shipped, paypal family/friends

                        JUST IN---Winter ’98-----Ed Thayer


                        Spring ‘99-----Frank Cristafulli

                        Summer ’00—Al Grey

                        Summer ’01—George Roberts and Robert Isele

                        Fall ’01---------JJ Johnson

                        Jan ’02---------Tom Everett

                        Jan ’03---------Gilberto Gagliardi

                        Oct. ’03--------Helsinki

                        Apr. ’04-------Plunger w/ Tyree Glenn

                        Apr. ’05-------Steve Turre

                        Apr. ’06-------Stuart Dempster

                        Apr. ‘07-------Urbie

                        July ‘07--------Don Harwood

                        Oct. ‘07--------Michel Becquet

                        Jan. ’08--------Trombonanza 2007 Argentina

                        Oct. ’11--------ITF 2011

                        Jan. ’12--------Tour de Slide

                        Apr. ’12-------Branimir Slokar

                        Oct. ’12--------ITF jr 2012, Gustav Hona

                        Jan. ’13--------Trombonanaza

                        Apr. ’13------- John Marcellus

                        Oct. ’13--------ITF 2013

                        Jan. ’14------Pokorny Seminar

                        July ’14-----Conrad Herwig


		First come, first served.
		Thank you,
		David Thieme




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