[Trombone-l] Bachelor thesis about bass trombone

Daniel Walker brasswalker at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 08:28:05 CST 2017

Hi Kristine,

I'm thinking this is more along the lines of a survey, rather than a
request for resources?

To answer the questions:

1) Yes, it can have a negative affect on tenor playing in the short term,
but this effect diminishes the longer you work on switching back and
forth.  Being primarily a tenor player, I find I have to do more work
transitioning to bass to achieve a workable sound than I have to do when I
transition back to tenor.  Although it is possible to play both back to
back with acceptable results, for optimal performance I find I need a day
or two to make the transition.

2) I play both because I can. Same reason for doubling on euphonium and
tuba.  Would not apply to viola. The more things you can do, the more you
will have opportunities to play.  Also, it's fun!

3) I use the Six Notes as a foundation for locking in with the equipment.
After that, the standard assortment of lip slurs and technical fundamentals
that you would do in any practice session.  I don't have a routine
specifically tailored to "making the switch".

4) YES

5) Well, yes, I work on the low range!  Lip slurs, Caruso excercises. It's
not so much different exercises, but what I do with the ones I always use.
Mostly, on bass I have to be very concious of not spreading the embouchure
too much.I  have also found that maintaining (or striving for) a solid low
register on the tenor carries over to the bass.  I don't do anything
fundamentally different chop wise (at least that's what I strive for!)  so
it's mainly about getting comfortable with the different rim sizes.

On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 6:48 AM, Kristine Oppegaard <oppekri at gmail.com>

> Hi trombone friends!
> I am writing my bachelor thesis about learning bass trombone as a tenor
> trombone player and i wonder if there is someone out there who has gone
> through the same process and can answer some questions!
> 1. Does it affect your tenor trombone playing negatively or positively to
> play bass trombone?
> 2. Why do you play both?
> 3. Do you do any particular excersises or adjustments when you change
> between the instruments?
> 4. Has it given you more gigs?
> 5. Do you do other types of ecxersises on the bass compared to the tenor?
> Best,
> Kristine, student of Gothenburg Music academy
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