[Trombone-l] Bachelor thesis about bass trombone

Anthony Parrish anthony.parrish at alumni.nd.edu
Mon Mar 27 12:09:00 CST 2017

You might try looking for previous work around the subject like Lawrence
John Pearce's thesis while completing his DMA at the University of Oklahoma
under Dr. Irvin Wagner.  (found here:
https://shareok.org/bitstream/handle/11244/428/3040844.PDF)  While his is
more about professionals' approach to doubling it could provide some nice
insights... The thesis is focused around three interviews: 1) Charlie
Vernon, 2) Donald Hildebrandt, and 3) Brian Rogers.  Google Scholar and
WorldCat are two places to start looking - or ask your institution's music

Best regards,

Anthony Parrish

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