[Trombone-l] pBone Slide Lube

James L Scott jscot at ucalgary.ca
Tue Mar 7 23:12:18 CST 2017

I have a tube of phone slide lube that a list member designed a few years ago. It's kind of a big chapstick - it's a wax-like substance that you apply to the stockings of the inner slides. I hardly use my pbones, but this stuff did help smooth out the rough action of the slides. Maybe someone else on the list remembers where to order it from.

Jim Scott

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I am open to suggestions for ways to smooth the roughness of a new pBone hand slide.  The paperwork says the slide gets better with use and slide lubes are not needed but spray water was fine (but it did not say to not use a lube, either).  I'm hesitant to use abrasive paper or rubbing compound, etc.
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