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Sun Apr 30 13:04:09 CST 2017

Hello everyone,
Here is an update on the trombone music and books still available.  Thanks to all who have made purchases; it has been helpful for me to thin out the library.  I have found at age 64 I no longer need the same materials I did at age 34!
Regards to all,

Jazz studies

-SOLD--Charlie Parker---Omnibook, 15

-SOLD--JJ Johnson---Exercises and Etudes, 15

-SOLD--Haerele---The jazz Sound, guide to tune analysis & chord/scale                                     choices for improvisation, 12

-SOLD--Rich Willey---Jazz improv materials handbook complete, 20

-SOLD--Coker---how to practice jazz and riposo---bebop scales, jazz scales                          and patterns in all 12 keys (2 books) 12

-SOLD--Solnimsky---thesaurus of scales and melodic patterns (1947), 30

Dundas---brass musical instruments, 12


Kopprasch---60 studies #1-33, (no cover), 6

Ostrander---shifting meter studies, 6

-SOLD--Mantia---trombone virtuoso (taped spine), 6

Manna (1721-1788)---twelve etudes, 6

-SOLD--Telemann---twe;ve fantasies for unaccmp. Trombone, 6

Gornston---intermediate method, 6

-SOLD--  Arban-prescott---1st & 2nd year excerpts, 6

-SOLD--  Rehfeld/keays---renaissance band book, 9 bass clef trios, 6

Trombone/piano accmp

Rimsky-korsakov---concerto (perry), 12

Voxman---concert and contest collection, cd accmp included, 12

-SOLD--Bill pearce---easy trombone stylings, hymns, 12

Clark---easy hymn favorites, trombone and cd only, 12


Hancock---man-child, piano/sketch score, 9

Mangione---piano/vocals/sketch score, 9

Wonder---original musiquarium I, piano/vocals, 9

Doobie bros---takin’ it to the streets, piano/vocals, 9

Sade---stronger than pride, piano/vocals, 9

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